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Every Good Vanagon Needs a Team

Imagine…..Traveling with no time-frame


Someone needs to cheer on the Team…Tony picked her!

Traditionally…. women, pure-bred dogs and expensive cars are considered high-maintenance.  We can now add a new entity to that list….VW Vanagons.  Ours now has a private staff to see to her needs.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Tony2    Tony Huizing

Tony is the chief man behind the plan.  He oversees and co-ordinates all decisions and operations regarding the Baja Buggy.  Part of his expertise includes listening for funny sounds, analyzing them and finally deciding, at what point, to call Marco, his Director of Buggy Operations.

Director of Buggy Operations

IMG_1801 Marco

Marco is the brains behind the mechanical needs of the Baja Buggy. He listens carefully to the reported funny noises and then decides whether the problem is serious enough to warrant his personal attention or he decides to send it to one of his hand-chosen specialists.   We feel that we are “in good hands” with Marco.

Interior Designer



Manny and his talented assistant, Guillermo, are responsible for the interior beauty of the van. Both deal nicely with my insane obsessiveness with detail.

Electrical Engineer

IMG_1808  Luis

Luis sees to all of the  electrical problems that pop up from being thirty-four years old.  He is a sharp-minded professional and can easily diagnose a problem of any scope.  We have certainly challenged him on occasion.

Metal Specialist

IMG_1823  Hector

Hector, with his genius-like ability of handling a solder-gun,  is in charge of all metal problems that occur.  He welds pieces together and saves us buckets of money repairing parts, instead of replacing them.  He provides the added bonus of keeping us laughing with endless tales of life in Mexico.

Mechanical Engineer

IMG_1825  Victor

Victor takes care of all the moving, workable parts that keep the doors working, the buttons pushing in and out and any other odd things that decide to challenge us. His attitude is that if Volkswagen made, so can he.

Travel Problem Co-ordinator

IMG_0134Isidro Vera

Isidro, of ‘Just say Isidro sent you’ fame,  is a wonderful addition to the Baja Buggy’s staff.  He has a network of very competent Volkswagen engineers, mechanics, parts specialists and anyone else we might need while on the road in the Baja.  One e-mail to him connects you with someone amazing.  On top of that, he is a wonderful person!

And finally……..last but not least

CFO-Chief Financial Officer, Expert Navigator, Housekeeper, Cook & Bottlewasher, Nurse, Co-Ordinator of all Activities and Secondary funny noise verifier.

Margo3    Margo

Keeper of the checkbook – Need I say more?